3 conditions for accepting the children of residents in Emirates schools

Three criteria have been established by private schools in the Northern Emirates for reserving seats for students during the next academic year: siblings of students enrolled at different levels in the school, students who left school and decided to return to it after years of studying elsewhere, and outstanding students coming from Other schools, provided that each student obtains outstanding grades in all subjects.

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The schools claimed that the aforementioned triad of factors was responsible for the continued high calibre of their kids' education.

To protect their reputation and the quality of education they provide, private schools have the right to choose which students are admitted and registered for classes, according to unnamed admissions and registration officials. This is because mixing in students from other schools could lead to a muddying of the academic and behavioural standards at private schools.

They also stated that siblings of students enrolled in classes at different grade levels would be given preference when reserving seats, as schools have complete knowledge of the families of these students, including their children's behaviour, academic level, and how much they interact with teachers' directives. Travel time between homes and schools is reduced when siblings ride together to and from school. This is true whether the siblings ride to school in their parents' cars or on school buses.

They noted that returning students from the school they left and transferred to another school would be eligible for reserved seats because they had already established themselves in the school's classrooms during their time there as students. This would help keep the educational standard of the schools steady and act as a catalyst. Motivating their fellow alumni from their shared school experiences.

Regarding the third requirement, they clarified that a seat would be accepted for any outstanding and distinguished student, provided he had distinguished grades in all subjects on his end-of-year certificate, and they emphasised that schools want to improve their classrooms by welcoming outstanding and distinguished students of all grade levels.

They said that beginning in May of next year, schools will begin accepting reservations for the upcoming school year. At that time, schools will notify families whose children are already enrolled that they are accepting new registrations for the upcoming school year. The first week of May of next year will be set aside for students who want to start classes again, while the second week will be used to hold spots for the remaining students across all grade levels.

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Rules governing enrollment of Emirati citizens' offspring in the country's public school system

  1. To possess a current UAE residence visa.
  2. To excel academically and stand out from the crowd.
  3. The percentage of eligible students is capped at no more than 20% of the overall student body.
  4. The minimum required proficiency in Arabic, English, and Mathematics is 85%.
  5. Arabic is used as the primary language of instruction, while English is taught as a second language.
  6. Now that the national curriculum programme has been authorised, the resident is free to enrol his children in public schools, including those where instruction is not provided in Arabic.

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