43 nationalities whose holders can drive in the UAE with their national license

The Ministry of Interior has identified 43 nationalities around the world whose citizens can drive a vehicle with their national license during their visit to the UAE, without the need for a practical or theoretical test, in addition to 44 nationalities whose citizens can replace their national license with an Emirati license in the event of residence, through a number of conditions.

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She clarified that the recognition of a foreign driving license means the use of national driving licenses in the UAE for purposes other than residency, while substitution means the replacement of a national driving license with a UAE driving license during residency.

The Ministry has set a set of conditions for recognizing a foreign driving license and driving a vehicle on the country's roads, including that the driver's license be valid, and that entry into the country is for the purpose of residency, while the conditions for replacing a foreign driving license with an Emirati license include that he be among the countries that are allowed to replace Driving license, having a valid residency, and having the national license of its owner permanent and valid, and meeting the legal age in accordance with the laws and regulations of the UAE, passing the medical examination and complying with other requirements for the replacement of driving licenses, and the replacement categories include motorcycles and light vehicles.

The Ministry affirmed that the UAE welcomes its esteemed visitors from all over the world, and in pursuit of the strategic objectives that support the government’s approach to providing the best electronic and smart services to all customers in the country.

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