A gang formation in the Emirates exploits the delivery staff to promote drugs

The Sharjah Police in the United Arab Emirates have arrested seven members of a drug trafficking ring that operates through the company's communications workers. and 297 branded pre-rolled products.

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A drug trafficking organisation that takes advantage of delivery workers.

According to a statement released by the Sharjah Police Department, the gang formed because it recognised an opportunity to use the delivery staff's need to be present in various parts of the United Arab Emirates in order to sell drugs.

As soon as the police got wind of it, they got to work and came up with a detailed strategy to capture them, working closely with their counterparts in the anti-drug agencies of the surrounding emirates.

delivery staff

The public prosecution office was given the gang members so that they could begin investigations and finalise legal proceedings against them after the security services quickly had them under control.

Finally, he urged Sharjah police to report any suspicious activity to the number 901 or the email address [email protected], and to work with the police to combat this scourge that ravages societies, especially young people and youth, who are the pillar of society and its future. With it, they're reiterating that they're prepared at all levels to foil the drug industry's complex plots to spread its poison across the community and that they won't stand for anyone risking the safety of others by begging for trouble.

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