A guide for foreign retirees in the UAE with a 5-year long-stay visa

In the purpose of providing the best for everyone who lives on the UAE's territory, there are a variety of alternatives available that allow people to continue in the Emirates even after retirement under the provisions of the UAE's retirement law for expatriates.

And if you have reached retirement age in the UAE and are looking for ways to stay legally in the country, here is an article that highlights the retirement laws for expatriates in Dubai and post-retirement options in the Emirates for expatriates to stay in the emirate.

Expat retirement alternatives in uae

When an expatriate reaches the age of 55 or more, he reaches the retirement age in the UAE, and if he want to remain in the UAE after the retirement age, the following list analyses the retirement legislation alternatives for expats in the UAE:

Foreign retirees can apply for a long-term visa

The first option for foreigners after reaching retirement age in the UAE for expats is to apply for a long-term residency visa for retired residents in the UAE, which is a new procedure recognised by the UAE government. A retirement visa in Dubai entitles a resident 55 years of age or older to a 5-year residence visa that is automatically renewed if the necessary conditions are completed.

It is possible to obtain a visa for retirees in the UAE for a period of five years by applying through the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship, which specifies a set of requirements and conditions that must be met in order to issue a residence visa for UAE retirees. The following are the most important requirements for a visa for retirees in the UAE:

  • Investing in an unencumbered real estate worth at least AED 1,000,000.
  • Proof of a monthly salary of at least AED 20,000 and a 6-month bank statement.
  • Having a million dirhams in financial savings.
  • His service duration previous to retirement should not be less than 15 years, whether inside or outside the UAE.
retirees in the UAE
foreign retirees in the UAE

Documents required for foreign retirees in the UAE to obtain a long-term residency visa

  • Passport (for the applicant and any accompanying family members).
  • Certificate of Marriage.
  • Emirati identity and current residence visa in the UAE.

Golden residency in the UAE for retirees

So, if you match the requirements, you may apply for a golden residency, which allows you to continue in the UAE after the age of retirement, and here are the categories that can receive a golden residency in the Emirates:

  • investors Entrepreneurs
  • Those with uncommon abilities and specialisations
  • Brilliant students who have attained a high state ranking, whether they are high school or university students
  • Humanitarian trailblazers
  • Inventors in the first line of defence
  • Executives
  • athletes
  • Scientists and doctors

End-of-service benefits for UAE public sector employees

  • For the first five years of service, the employee is entitled to 21 days of basic pay.
  • Each additional year, the employee is entitled to 30 days of basic compensation, provided that the cumulative reward does not exceed two years' salary.
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