A plane crashes into a passenger bus at the airport

Five people were taken to the hospital for treatment when a plane crashed into a bus at low speed at Los Angeles International Airport, California, last night.

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A plane collides with a passenger bus at the airport

The incident occurred while an Airbus A321 was being pulled down a corridor, hitting a bus carrying passengers from one place to another on the airport grounds, according to the Federal Aviation Administration.

The five injured are the bus driver and 3 of its passengers, and they were taken to hospital, in addition to a worker who was on board the plane, who received treatment at the scene of the accident.

American Airlines statements regarding the collision of a plane with a passenger bus

American Airlines announced that the plane was not operating as a commercial flight when the collision occurred, and there were no passengers on board, while the airport confirmed that other operations remained normal.

Investigating the causes of a plane crash with a passenger bus at the airport

In the same context, the Federal Aviation Administration said that it would investigate the collision, which comes after a series of unusual accidents at major airports in recent times, the most prominent of which was on February 4, when two planes avoided an inevitable collision at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport in Texas, while landing. One and the other took off from the same runway, and a day before, a plane crashed into another parked wing, which led to its crash, at Newark Liberty International Airport, New Jersey.

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