Abu Dhabi: Health insurance for foreign residents that provides them with services worth 250,000 dirhams

The National Health Insurance Company, Daman, offers medical insurance for inhabitants of the emirate, a "basic health insurance policy," starting at 600 dirhams, covering medical treatments up to 250,000 dirhams, according to the Abu Dhabi Department of Health in the United Arab Emirates.

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As the health insurance system in Abu Dhabi includes a variety of health insurance policies that ensure the availability of multiple insurance options that meet the needs of all members of society, the department confirmed to Emirates Today newspaper that it is keen to ensure the availability of insurance options for all segments of society. It noted that insurance companies in the emirate Abu Dhabi have several health insurance policies, including the flexible health insu In addition to the enhanced health insurance policy, which has a minimum price of more than 600 dirhams and a maximum price of 12 thousand and 500 dirhams, there is also a basic health insurance policy with a price range of 600 dirhams to 12,500 dirhams that is currently only offered by the National Health Insurance Company.

Health insurance document
Health insurance document

According to the department, the basic health insurance policy provides its holder with 100% coverage of treatment in outpatient clinics with a contribution of 10 dirhams from the patient, 100% coverage of inpatient treatment in hospitals, and 100% coverage of medical services. It also has annual insurance coverage of a health services cap of 240 000 dirhams. Natural childbirth, a c-section, and problems with the patient contributed to 750 dirhams. People with low incomes who make less than 5000 dirhams a month can apply for it, as can sponsored workers who are sponsored by a resident ex-pat who isn't covered by their employer's health insurance and doesn't take advantage of the flexible health insurance plan. Along with non-citizens who are impoverished and in serious humanitarian circumstances, assistance is provided by their own rules.

Health insurance for foreigners in Abu Dhabi:

While the health insurance policy for emergencies includes health services for the treatment of emergency cases, and those who come to the emirate on a visit visa, and children who are sponsored by the father or mother and who are not permanent residents within the country benefit from it, provided that a document is presented stating that, and this document covers medical treatment services for emergency cases only. Its value is determined according to the duration of the visit or residence within the country, according to the market price.

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