Abu Dhabi Municipality warns motorists against for parking on pavements with severe penalties

It has been urged that drivers in Abu Dhabi do not park their vehicles on the pavements that are parallel to the streets that run through the city.

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As part of the awareness campaign that the Abu Dhabi Municipality is running, the localities of Rabdan and Shakbout were investigated.

A picture of a car that had been abandoned in a restricted parking area was uploaded to the social media sites run by the city.

It was claimed there that such acts put the citizens of the city and the public facilities at danger.

parking on pavements

A fine of 1,000 dirhams ($272) against violating motorists

Any motorist seen parking illegally on a pavement faces a $272 charge, lowered to $500 if paid within 30 days.

"The campaign hopes to raise public awareness and involve them in curbing the number of violations that hamper the efforts aimed at maintaining the city's beauty and infrastructure," reads a statement from the local government.

It's a piece of a larger plan to discourage people from engaging in activities like littering, vandalism, and unlawful parking that have a detrimental impact on city life.

In an effort to maintain the emirate's pristine appearance, Abu Dhabi updated its laws last year.

According to the Department of Municipalities and Transport, the new legislation empower authorities to take immediate action against offenders of offences including vandalism and fly-tipping by giving them the authority to issue fines rather than delegating that authority to public prosecutors.

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