Abu Dhabi Police: Starting to catch speeding violators on Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Road

Following the expiration of the warning period for violations of the "minimum speed" system on Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Road in both directions on the two highways, the General Command of the Abu Dhabi Police started enforcing the system today.

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Emirates Police
Abu Dhabi's police

Drivers applauded this measure, which aims to improve traffic flow on the road, especially since vehicles travelling at speeds that are incompatible with the posted speed limit cause traffic congestion, urging the study of the experiment's expansion to all state highways.

The Abu Dhabi Police General Command emphasised the significance of implementing the "minimum speed" system in order to improve traffic safety on roads, noting that the maximum speed on Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Road is 140 km/h, while the minimum speed is 120 km/h on the first and second lanes from the left.

Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Road
Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Street

Mohammed Khaled, a citizen, stated that the measure to punish drivers who travel slowly on the road is crucial, as they cause traffic congestion and indirect accidents. He suggested that the application of the decision be studied on all roads at the state level.

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