urgent.. the emirates announce Air ticket prices rise during the Eid al-Adha holidays

the emirates announce Air ticket prices rise during the Eid al-Adha holidays, Airfares to popular destinations such as the Indian subcontinent, the United Kingdom, the Gulf Cooperation Council, and Egypt are expected to rise more in the coming months as the summer school holidays approach.

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Flights to Asia, the Middle East, and the United Kingdom began to rise in February-March, according to travel industry officials, as consumers began to plan their vacations well in advance.

They stated that costs to famous destinations like London are expected to quadruple during peak summer travel days, particularly during Eid Al Adha, which will be celebrated at the end of June.

Inbound and outbound travel and tourism from the UAE has increased rapidly in the last year, with locals eager to travel more, but airlines continue to face capacity constraints.

During the summer, Air India added some flights on the UAE route, offering temporary stability on certain days.

Summer travel is at its peak when schools are closed, causing airfares to skyrocket. During the first week of July, Indian curriculum schools are frequently closed. Because Eid Al Adha is expected to come on June 28, some schools may decide to close a week early. While in the United Kingdom, schools are closed from June to the latter week of August or the first week of September.

Sunil Panwar, Rayna Tourism's director of business development, stated that tickets on several airlines have increased by up to 40%.

"It is a time of high demand, so prices rise primarily on routes to India, Pakistan, Egypt, and the United Kingdom." Short-haul places frequented by residents are also seeing an increase in airfares," he said.

Short-haul locations such as East European and CIS countries have been in high demand for travel and tourism among UAE citizens in recent years.

As an example, he stated that flights to India on cheap airlines typically cost approximately Dh1,200 but have risen to Dh1,800-2,000 in the summer. While full-service carriers' rates increase from Dh2,500 to Dh3,300.

"Airfares to London double during the school summer breaks," Panwar remarked.

According to Raheesh Babu, chief operating officer of Musafir.com, consumers began buying early for flights on the Indian Subcontinent and European routes in February-March because Eid also falls at the beginning of the break, so schools may close early this year.

Air ticket prices rise during the Eid al-Adha holidays
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High prices in all destinations

"All of the destinations' prices have already risen. For example, the average fee in February-March was Dh1,500, and it is now Dh2,500. And in certain situations, it has more than doubled."

He stated that fares are rising because no new seats are allowed during the summer, and airlines are taking advantage of this seasonal advantage, as well as increased traffic to South India owing to the Onam holiday in August. "As a result, prices will remain high until the first week of September."

Babu noted that rates are now stable and will begin to rise from mid-June.

"Even Middle Eastern sectors like GCC countries, Jordan, and Egypt are seeing an increase in airfares," he noted.

Avinash Adnani, managing director of Pluto Travels, stated that prices to India are currently stable due to the carrier's addition of new routes.

"Departures beginning on July 20th and returning before August 5th are significantly less expensive." However, prices are significantly higher from August 15th to September 5th when people return to the UAE."

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