An important statement regarding the launch of 6 initiatives from the Dubai Residency

During the past few hours, the United Arab Emirates witnessed the launch of an important statement regarding the launch of many initiatives from the establishment of Dubai.

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Announcing the start of the new Dubai residency initiatives

According to Captain Maryam Taib, Director of Administrative Operations Department, the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Dubai launched six innovative initiatives with the goals of developing and improving services and the performance of operations, achieving competitiveness and global leadership in this field, and improving the experience of the internal and external customer with the administration.

Dubai residency initiatives
Dubai residency initiatives

Objectives of Dubai residency initiatives

According to Captain Maryam Taieb, the administration is working hard to achieve several goals behind the implementation of these initiatives. These goals are represented in the accomplishment of the strategic goals of the department, the directions and aspirations of the government, and the formation of a detailed, accurate, and reliable database for all of the information and data of the department, which enables officials to make decisions more quickly, In addition, and this is really accurate, "the department also aims behind the innovative initiatives to improve the experience of internal and external customers with the department, and to raise the efficiency and effectiveness of the operations and services provided by the department."

Dubai residency initiatives to develop its services

The first project has been given the name "Administrative Operations Methodology," and via it, the Department is developing a unique work mechanism that will be tasked with the responsibility of managing the administrative operations system in the Dubai establishment. And the development of operations in accordance with a predetermined set of standards and procedures, and the relevant initiative is the "project to measure the maturity of indicators" that determines the feasibility learned from measuring each indicator at the strategic and operational level, and the measurement results can be used to identify improvement initiatives for operations and institutional performance, and fourthly, the "Operations Development Project" initiative, which adopts the best technical solutions in the field of managing administrative operations, through electronic systems. and fifthly, the "Tamkeen 360" initiative, through which all parties concerned with operations and services (employees, customers, suppliers, and partners) are involved in interactive workshops to find creative solutions, Relying on the traditional and manual method, the sixth initiative is the "Institutional Integration System," which is a system that creates effective interconnection between all businesses, The goal of this initiative is to establish Dubai in a way that is effective and innovative, achieve speed, accuracy, and quality in decision-making, know the effects of change on operations and services, reduce transaction costs, and publish knowledge.

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