Announcing the date of Dubai Expo City opening its doors to visitors for free

Dubai Expo City has published good news, as it will open its doors to visitors for free within days, as the date for Dubai Expo City to open its doors to visitors, citizens and residents, has been announced for free.

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Permission to visit Dubai Expo City for free

The date when Dubai Expo City will open its doors to tourists, citizens, and residents for free has been announced, The good news was released by Dubai Expo City, which stated that it will open its doors to guests for free within the next few days.

Dates to allow visiting Dubai Expo City for free

Next Friday, Dubai Expo City will be offering free admission to all visitors to its most well-known attractions thanks to an announcement made earlier this week, Guests will be allowed to enter the Alef - Mobility Pavilion, the Terra - Sustainability Pavilion, the Vision Pavilion, the Women's Pavilion, and the Three Nations Stories Pavilion on the occasion of International Museum Day.

visit Dubai Expo City for free
visit Dubai Expo City for free

Services provided by Dubai Expo City for visitors to children

Visitors have the opportunity to take part in a wide variety of seminars and other events, many of which are geared towards helping participants, particularly youngsters, develop a greater understanding of the significance of the role they play in fostering a better future for everyone.

visit Dubai Expo City
visit Dubai Expo City for free

Celebration of International Museum Day

This year's celebration of International Museum Day will centre on the topic of "Museums, Sustainability, and Well-being," This is a subject that has a strong connection to the strategy of Dubai Expo City, which will be the human-centered and sustainable city of the future.

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