Announcing the method of paying traffic fines in installments in the Emirates for citizens and expatriates

The UAE Ministry of Interior and Traffic, in particular, announced the method of installments for traffic violations in the Emirates for citizens and non-citizens residing in the Emirates, as part of many initiatives concerned with easing and facilitating drivers.

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Determine the installment system for paying traffic fines in the Emirates

The UAE Interior Ministry and Abu Dhabi Police have clarified the UAE traffic fines installment system, referring to it as a new traffic service that the UAE Ministry of Interior's Traffic Directorate has activated so that motorists can pay their traffic fines in equal installments without being charged interest.

traffic fines
traffic fines

Determine the installment methods for paying traffic fines in the Emirates

The Abu Dhabi Traffic Police clarified the methods of paying traffic fines in installments in Abu Dhabi, stating that the traffic fines installment service has been activated for the benefit of all motorists whose traffic violations have been recorded through a number of procedures that must be followed.

traffic fines
traffic fines

Steps to submit a request for payment of traffic fines in installments in the UAE

Abu Dhabi Police explained to motorists whose traffic violations had been recorded that if they wanted to pay these fines in installments, the applicant must have one of the credit cards of one of the accredited banks or banks that you specified, and communicate directly with the bank that issued that card in order to activate Traffic fines installment service, provided that these procedures do not exceed a period of two weeks from the registration of the violation, and after that period has expired.

Terms of installment payment of traffic fines in the UAE

The Abu Dhabi Police Department establishes the terms for paying traffic fines in installments for UAE citizens and residents. First, Abu Dhabi Bank, Mashreq Islamic Bank, Emirates Islamic Bank, and Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank, as well as the Abu Dhabi Police, stipulated that installments for traffic violations be paid in equal installments without interest over a period not exceeding one year, and it also stipulated that the value of fines be Traffic violations of more than 2,000 dirhams, and the latter stipulated the observance of Law No. 5 of the year.

Choosing a method to pay traffic penalties in installments in the UAE

In the UAE, traffic fines can be paid in installments through the Abu Dhabi Police service centres (35 in Abu Dhabi, 32 in Al Ain, and 21 in Al Dhafra), or through the Abu Dhabi Police smart application, or through electronic payment processes for traffic violations, which can be made through any of these sites. Traffic fines payment site, Abu Dhabi Ministry of Interior, or Abu Dhabi traffic fines payment site, TAMM, or Traffic fines, Abu Dhabi Police, or Traffic fines, Abu Dhabi, My Vehicle.

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