Australian authorities issue a decision on visas and immigration

This week, the Australian High Court announced a major judgement on an immigration problem. The decision will have an impact on hundreds of cases and visas that were previously rejected by the court because they were similar to ones that had been rejected in the past.

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It is possible that this will have an effect on a wide range of issues and decisions that have been made by the ministry since 2016, when it began turning down requests for ministerial intervention in some circumstances in order to issue particular visas.

Their applications were turned down by the Ministry of the Interior on the grounds that the primary requirements for getting a visa were not satisfied by their situations.

Even appealing the decision to a higher court was fruitless for him.

Issuance of a permanent visa
permanent visa

Issuance of a permanent visa

Both Mr. Davis and the DCM20 submitted petitions to the Minister of Immigration requesting that he use his personal authority as outlined in Section 351 of the Immigration Act of 1958 to overturn the findings of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal and issue permanent visas to each of them.

It is possible for a minister to issue a visa if they feel that it is "in the public interest," as stated in this section of the Immigration Act; but, the law does not force them to evaluate every application that is submitted.

The Minister is the one who actually puts this power into practise.

There are a lot of people who want the minister to get involved in these kinds of visa disputes personally. For instance, the Immigration Minister Andrew Giles took action the month before last when a Perth family's application for visas was denied on the grounds that their kid did not match certain health standards since he was born with Down syndrome. This was the reason given for the refusal.

However, he did not accept the reason and instead issued them the visa.

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