Canada announces new procedures for immigration to it

The Canadian government has stated that it aims to implement new immigration procedures to assist Sudanese temporary residents who are currently in Canada and may be unable to return to Sudan due to the war.

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On April 15, fighting erupted between the Sudanese army and the Rapid Support Forces, killing hundreds, suspending work in hospitals and disrupting other services, and transforming residential neighbourhoods into battlefields.

Sudanese citizens will be able to request an extension of their residency in Canada once the new measures announced by Canadian Immigration Minister Sean Fraser go into effect, allowing them to continue studying, working, or visiting their families in the country without incurring any costs, the Canadian government said in a statement issued yesterday, Monday.

The government also stated that it will prioritise examining already completed permanent and temporary residence applications on the immigration system for individuals who remain in Sudan in order to expedite procedures for them.

She went on to say that this includes visit visa applications for direct family members of Canadian citizens and permanent residents.

Canada also stated that expenses for a passport and a permanent resident travel document would be waived for Canadian citizens and permanent residents in Sudan who seek to exit the country.

The US announced on Monday that the two sides in Sudan's conflict had agreed to a 72-hour cease-fire, at a time when Western, Arab, and Asian countries were scrambling to evacuate their citizens.

Canada announced on Sunday that it was temporarily suspending its mission in Sudan and that Canadian diplomats would work from a safe location outside the nation.

Conditions for immigration to Canada
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Canada temporarily suspends diplomatic operations in Sudan.

It is worth noting that the Canadian government has temporarily suspended its diplomatic activity in Sudan, stating that Canadian diplomats will work from a safe location outside the nation.

The Canadian government stated in a statement that while operations in Khartoum are halted, minimal consular services will be offered.

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