Details of the decision to increase the “identity and residence” fees by 100 dirhams for issuance and renewal

Some typing offices announced that there is about 100 dirhams in excess of the "identity" fees in the Emirates.

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Increasing the fees for issuing and renewing identity and residency in the Emirates

Dealers and printing offices of «Emirates Today» reported that the fees for residency transactions and the issuance and renewal of identity cards have been increased by 100 dirhams for each transaction, starting from the day before yesterday.

Collecting a fee of 386 dirhams to renew the residency

Typing offices stated that they started collecting fees of 386 dirhams for issuing or renewing the Emirates ID card for the renewal of residence for a period of two years, with an increase of 100 dirhams, as well as for all passport transactions.

Statement of the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship regarding the fee increase of 100 dirhams

The Federal Authority for Identity, Nationality, Customs and Ports Security stated, through its smart application, regarding the fees for issuing or renewing the identity card, that the fees for issuing the card amount to 100 dirhams per year, the fees for smart services are 100 dirhams, and the fees for the authority and electronic services fees amount to 50 dirhams, while the service fees are 50 dirhams. The urgent fee is 150 dirhams, indicating that the value-added tax is free.

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