Determine 6 types of work contracts in the UAE

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation in the United Arab Emirates has announced that 6 types of work contracts in the Emirates, in which the contracting between the worker and the employer are made.

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The number of types of work contracts available when the employee contracts in the Emirates

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation explained that the legislation governing the labour market has identified six work patterns that are contracted between the worker and the employer, after the creation of the job sharing pattern in which tasks and responsibilities are divided among multiple employees in order to complete the tasks in advance, and the ministry indicated that the owner can choose which work pattern to implement. The work and the worker contracting between them are completely permanent and that are throughout the week, or part -time that the employer or a number of them have working hours and specific days, or the temporary work that is implemented within a specific period or focuses on a single work and ends upon its completion, as it can be myself. The contract allows for the selection of flexible work, in which the hours of its performance or its working days vary according to the size of the work and economic and operational variables, as well as distance work, in which the entire or a portion of the work is performed outside of the workplace and communication between the employee and employer is conducted electronically.

 work contracts
work contracts

The rights of the worker when concluding the employment contract with the employer

The ministry emphasised that the employer must conclude a work contract with the worker according to the agreed work pattern, provided that the contract is of two copies, the employer retains one and the worker receives the other, and according to the forms determined by the executive regulations of the decree on the regulation of labour relations, and the worker may or Those who are represented by the proof of the work contract and the amount of wages and any of these documents.

work contracts
The Ministry of Human Resources

Controls to extend the work contract for workers in the Emirates

She added that in the event of an extension or renewal of the contract, the new period or periods are considered an extension of the original period and added to it in calculating the worker's period of continuous service, and if the two parties continue to implement the contract after the expiration of its original period or the completion of the agreed work without an explicit agreement, the original contract is considered implicitly extended with the same terms.

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