Determine the areas most vulnerable to earthquakes in the Emirates

Geological experts in the United Arab Emirates revealed the areas most vulnerable to earthquakes in the country, the most prominent of which was the Northern Emirates.

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The proximity of the UAE to seismic activity areas

Geological experts confirmed that the UAE is located close to the active seismic zone, as it is located between 120 and 300 km from the earthquake belt.

Areas prone to earthquakes in the UAE

Pointing out that the northern regions of the country are the most vulnerable to earthquakes, due to their proximity to the seismic belt called the "Zagros Mountain Range".

Resilience of buildings against earthquakes

They pointed out that there are no appropriate and well-equipped buildings in the Gulf countries to face violent earthquakes, as there are no flexible buildings, and the greater the complexity and asymmetry in the foundations and floors of the building, the greater the vulnerability to earthquakes, calling for the need to review the designs of buildings in the Gulf region, which have become just around the corner from earthquake belt.

Predict the earthquake

This was supported by the earthquake expert at the National Center of Meteorology and Seismology in the UAE, Abdul Qadir Fendash Al-Amrat, saying that it is difficult to anticipate or predict earthquakes, as they come suddenly without warning, explaining that the Meteorological and Seismic Center inside the country monitors seismic activity inside and outside the country, so the tremors are recorded and followed up its condition and extensions, pointing out that the northern regions of the country are the most vulnerable to earthquakes.

The strongest earthquake hit the UAE

He explained that the most severe earthquake the country experienced was in 2002, when it measured 4.8 degrees on the Richter scale, adding that the earthquake is dangerous if its strength exceeds six degrees on the Richter scale, and if the buildings inside the country are high, meaning that the tall towers are most affected by the danger. earthquakes.

The danger of tall buildings during earthquakes

Al-Amrat pointed out that the design of the buildings themselves has a dangerous impact on the occurrence of disasters as a result of the earthquake, because buildings that are not prepared for earthquakes are easily destroyed with any moderate earthquake, calling for the need to follow the appropriate principles to avoid earthquakes when designing buildings and facilities.

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