Determine the students who can get a scholarship in the UAE

Schools in the United Arab Emirates have announced the determination of students who can obtain a scholarship in the Emirates during the next academic year and have set the conditions for obtaining the scholarship.

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Find the students that are eligible for scholarships in the United Arab Emirates, Schools in the United Arab Emirates have made public announcements on the selection of students who will be eligible to receive a scholarship in the Emirates for the following school year, as well as the conditions that must be met in order to be awarded the scholarship.

Number of scholarships for students in UAE schools

Scholarships available to students attending schools in the UAE, The "Scholarship Programme for Academically Outstanding and Talented Male and Female Students" will now be available in all of the schools operated by Emirates National Schools, as was recently announced, The programme will provide one hundred scholarships to male and female students in both categories, with the amount of each grant ranging from 25 percent to one hundred percent of the cost of tuition. specified standards and prerequisites, which are going to be implemented beginning with the following school year, 2023/2024.

the scholarship program
the scholarship program

Conditions for admission to the scholarship program in the UAE

According to information provided by Emirates National School, the scholarship programme for exceptional and exceptionally talented students is divided into two categories: "Academic Merit Category" and "Distinguished Talents and Skills Category, " The "Academic Merit Category" will be open to male and female students who have achieved success in their academic endeavours, such as obtaining a high rate, Participation in extracurricular activities, and demonstrating exceptional leadership skills, On the other hand, the "distinguished talents and skills Category" will be open to male and female students who have exceptional talents and skills in areas such as science, technology, arts, sports, and athletics, This award is meant to recognise the great accomplishments of both male and female students who have shown exceptional talent in their respective fields of study.

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