urgent.. UAE Traffic Department reduces traffic penalties for the following infractions

According to the story, the Sharjah Police General Command has put into effect the Executive Council's recent decision to permanently adjudicate traffic offences committed within the Sharjah Emirate.

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If the fine is paid within sixty days of the date of the violation, the perpetrator will only be forced to pay 35% of the entire amount of the infringement. Financial penalties, vehicle impoundment waivers, and late fees are not included in the price.

Lieutenant Colonel Muhammad Alai Al-Naqbi, Director of the Traffic and Patrols Department, confirmed that the discount will be permanent, with the exception of the offence of "driving at excessive speed constitutes a danger," and that "the discount will continue at the same rate for a period of two months, provided that violators are exempted by 25%." You are eligible for a fine reduction if you pay the fine amount more than sixty days after the date of the infringement but less than one year later.

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The discount does not apply to moving infractions

In its decision, the court listed the most serious traffic offences that would preclude drivers from receiving the reduction. For example, "driving a vehicle in a way that endangers the driver's life or the life, safety, or security of others," "driving a vehicle in a way that causes damage to public or private facilities," or "driving a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or alcohol." Chemicals similar to narcotics or psychiatric medicines, for example, are all instances of violations in this category.

Other serious traffic violations include "causing a serious accident or injury," "making changes to the vehicle's engine or base without a licence," "using the vehicle to transport hazardous or flammable materials without a licence," and "riding a recreational tricycle on a public road without a licence."

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