Conditiona driving license in the Emirates without lessons

Driving licence holders from categories not covered by the possibility of replacing their driving licences can now apply to obtain an Emirati driving licence without attending lessons and training, according to what the Roads and Transport Authority in Dubai announced about the launch of a new service for such drivers. This "Golden Opportunity" service allows such drivers to apply to obtain an Emirati driving licence without attending lessons and training, provided that they pass both the writte.

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The Dubai Roads and Transport Authority has announced a new service designed to streamline the process of replacing driving licences for foreign nationals who have extensive experience behind the wheel but whose home countries do not have reciprocal agreements with the United Arab Emirates.

The "Golden Opportunity" service is now open to people of all nationalities; all they need is a valid residence permit and a valid driving licence from their home country. Applicants can apply for the service online at the authority's website and pick the driving school where they will take the required exams. The licence calls for both theoretical and practical knowledge.

A message from the authority's Twitter account said that citizens of countries not included in the list of those whose driving licences can be exchanged between the aforementioned 43 countries are nevertheless welcome to apply for a licence.

Except for drivers who have obtained a driving licence from the list of countries referred to above and who have been exempted from lessons and tests, a programme of training and lessons as well as a series of theoretical and practical tests are required to obtain a driving licence in the United Arab Emirates.
Based on the data provided by the Authority, it appears that only drivers with permits for smaller vehicles can use the service.

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