Dubai Airport: Warning that visa can cause significant delays

A group of 22 people from India were en route to Dubai for an extravagant vacation during the Eid al Fitr Holidays when they were forced to return home from the airport due to a minor error made by their intermediary in India, delaying their travel until the following day.

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"There was an error on the visa. One of the passengers, Abhishek, had an incorrect date of birth on his passport and visa. The visa was issued by an Indian agent, and we are their service provider here," said Deepak Kaushik, marketing director of Rooh Tourism LLC.

They were required to file for an express visa for the passenger's flight the following day. "The passenger's birth year is 1983, but it was incorrectly printed as 1988. "The entire group decided to postpone the trip because they were unwilling to leave a member of their group behind," said Kaushik.

Dubai airport
Dubai international airport

To avoid further complications, agents advise residents to double-check every detail on their passports, tickets, and visas as soon as they are issued. "All traveller data is issued based on the passenger's passport.

Due to the fact that some names can be used for both males and females, we occasionally make errors such as using the initials Mr. or Mrs. Such a passenger may not be permitted to travel, according to Libin Varghese, director of sales at Rooh Tourism LLC.

Similarly, Aftab Hussain, a Deira-based blanket businessman, was halted at the baggage counter at Mumbai Airport earlier this year due to an error in the spelling of his name. "I purchased the ticket through an online ticketing website." My name appears with a single's' on my passport. "However, I use'ss' in all of my online operations," Hussain explained.

This seemingly minor error was sufficient to cause Hussain consternation and delay at the airport. The airline employees informed him that he could not board the flight because the name on his ticket was incorrect.

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Hussain was frustrated by this turn of events because he had to reach Dubai the following day to receive his shipment. "Fortunately, there was another flight four hours later, and I was able to purchase a ticket at the airline counter," Hussain said.

What can you do in this circumstance?

Taha Siddique, the proprietor of Siddique Travels, stated that he has encountered similar circumstances with some of his clients. "Many of them purchase tickets via the Internet. In a rush, [they] frequently make errors with their own names or dates. "Before confirming a reservation, we double-check the information several times," said Siddique.

In such cases, passengers must notify the agent six to eight hours prior to departure. "We can have the airline correct the misspellings. "However, in the event of a visa typo, travel must be delayed by at least one day," explained Siddique.

These incidents, according to agents, serve as a reminder of the significance of double-checking all travel documents before travelling to the airport. When it comes to air travel, even a minor typo can cause significant difficulties and delays.

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