Dubai announces big discounts through online shopping

The Dubai Festivals and Retail Corporation announced the first session of the "Grand Electronic Discounts" on Friday, April 14th, for the first time during the blessed month of Ramadan, with huge discounts across selected online stores for three days until Sunday, April 16th, with the goal of encouraging online shopping and strengthening the retail sector. E-commerce is flourishing in Dubai, and buyers can now buy Ramadan and Eid presents online at lower costs.

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The Foundation provides "Great Electronic Discounts" with special promotions and discounts of up to 95% on a collection of well-known brands and items participating in the campaign.

Ahmed Al-Khawaja announces an initiative to support retail

"E-commerce in Dubai has achieved rapid growth over the past few years," said Ahmed Al Khaja, Executive Director of the Dubai Festivals and Retail Corporation. "The "Great Electronic Discounts" is a new initiative to support retailers and meet the needs of shoppers through various electronic and digital platforms and channels." We offer a unique experience through electronic shopping to provide other options for shoppers, which also supports merchants and partners and provides new opportunities for shoppers to obtain special deals and offers through the festivals and events included in Dubai's annual agenda for the retail sector, to encourage shoppers to visit stores and shopping centres in the city."

online shopping
online shopping in emarat

Products covered by the initiative

Fashion, cosmetics, baby clothing, infant care, shoes, accessories, healthcare, home furnishings, and other things are among the fantastic offers accessible to internet buyers.

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