Dubai: family on a visitation visa was detained being discovered begging close to a mosque during Ramadan

Around a hundred beggars were apprehended in Dubai as the police tightened down on panhandling during the holy month of Ramadan, including a family who had entered the UAE on visitor visas.

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The two brothers were seen asking for money near a mosque with their wives and a child, even pretending to be disabled, according to the Dubai Police.

The General Department of Criminal Investigation's director, Maj-Gen Jamal Salem Al Jallaf, claimed that they were obviously taking advantage of the kindness of locals during the holy month by employing "deceptive and theatrical gestures" to trick people into giving them money. They were promptly detained by police, he continued.

Up to 116 beggars may have been apprehended during the first part of Ramadan, according to Maj-Gen Al Jallaf. They were captured with varying amounts of money, and there were 59 males and 57 women among them.

The top official reaffirmed the police's advice to the general public not to take beggars' pleas seriously because investigations have shown that the majority of them are associated with a syndicate run from outside the nation. Several people are flown in on visit visas especially for the purpose of panhandling.

A felony in the UAE is begging. Maj-Gen Al Jallaf urged people to report beggars by calling 901, using the 'Eye' platform on the Dubai Police's mobile app, or via the e-crime service.

Donations should only be made through authorised methods if you want to assist the less fortunate. The officer said that anyone in need might seek financial support from organisations that are recognised by the government, charities, and associations.

The police will keep stepping up patrol operations in places where beggars are anticipated to be present, according to Col. Ali Salem Al Shamsi, director of the Infiltrators Control Section in the General Directorate of Criminal Investigations.

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