Dubai Police announces that 4,600 motorists have been awarded incentives.

An Emirati woman was able to take home the top prize in a competition that was recently held by Dubai Police to recognise and reward drivers who demonstrate a commitment to driving safely on the city's roadways.

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The White Points Awards were given to 4,600 different drivers in Dubai.

Out of a total of 244,446 exemplary drivers who did not commit any traffic violations during the previous year, Dubai Police announced that 4,600 drivers have won the White Points Awards. This represents an increase of 2257% in comparison to the number of drivers who committed violations during the first round of the award in 2013.

awards for participation and a grand prize automobile

And revealed a package of incentive prizes for devoted drivers, in addition to in-kind prizes for the winners, during a ceremony honouring the sponsors of the white points system, and drawing the grand prize "a car," which was won by Emirati citizen Maryam Yusef Muhammad Yusuf Al Balushi, and another citizen, Sheikha Muhammad Abdullah bin Touq Al Marri, won an award The best young driver within the "Youth is a Trust" initiative.

White point system

Lieutenant General Abdullah Khalifa Al Marri, the Commander-in-Chief of the Dubai Police, stated that the white points system is one of Dubai Police's community initiatives in order to achieve the strategic goal of reducing accident deaths, and raising the level of compliance with traffic laws and regulations, which will have a positive impact on providing the highest levels of security and safety for all segments of society and street users.

How to receive prizes for white points

Al-Marri continued by saying that the white points system represents an opportunity for every resident and citizen of the Emirate of Dubai who possesses a driving licence to participate and have the opportunity to win, and before that, to set an example for other members of society with his commitment and concern for his safety and the safety of the other, as well as to enhance the Dubai Police strategy to provide safe roads in the emirate.

He praised the national role of businessman Khalaf Al Habtoor, who is the official sponsor of the award, and emphasised that his partnership with the system since its launch had played a prominent role in improving road safety and security, as well as motivating drivers to comply with the regulations.

The goals of implementing the white points award system

For his part, Brigadier Juma Salem bin Suwaidan, Acting Director of the General Traffic Department in Dubai Police, said that the Traffic White Points Awards were introduced for the first time in the region as a modern, non-traditional system in which all societal groups participate to honour and motivate distinguished drivers who are committed to traffic laws and regulations, drive safely and avoid the mistakes of others, and creating a safe traffic environment in which the sense of security on the road is raised by all road users.

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