Dubai Police announces (unprecedented service) for citizens and residents

Dubai Police has proposed a smart solution to avoid accumulating traffic violations for drivers of vehicles registered in the emirate through an unprecedented service to pay fines in installments without the need for checks as was previously required, or the customer's possession of a credit card from a bank cooperating with Dubai Police.

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Major Dr. Abdullah Yasser Amiri, Director of Revenue and Fund Department in the General Department of Finance at Dubai Police, revealed that the service depends on direct debiting from the customer’s bank account once he registers through the Dubai Police smart application within less than two minutes, so that the amount of accumulated violations is paid in installments, provided that it is not less than 5000 dirhams. He explained that the smart service, which was registered as an intellectual classifier with the Ministry of Economy, was launched in partnership with the Central Bank, and includes all state banks, to be Dubai Police or a government department that is successfully linked with the Central Bank.

He stressed that the service does not have any fees and there are no interests on installments and is available to customers who have bank accounts around the clock, and once registered, the installment process begins, by deducting a monthly amount from the account according to the number of months specified by the customer, with a maximum of 12 months. He pointed out that the registration method is smooth and does not take more than two minutes by entering the website or application, then choosing the direct debit service, inquiring about traffic violations with the car number or traffic file, then filling in the required data that includes the identity number and bank account number, choosing the installment period, then entering The identification number that is sent to the user, to end his suffering with the accumulated violations, and he does not have to evade renewal and get involved in committing additional violations or driving with fear and hesitation.

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