Dubai: In these circumstances, the Roads and Transport Authority offers free parking services.

The Roads and Transport Authority in Dubai recently made an announcement that fee-paying vehicle parks in Dubai are now accessible to citizens free of charge if they are situated within a 500-meter radius of their dwellings.

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Administrative Decision No. (381) of 2017 issuing the executive regulations of Executive Council Resolution No. (5) of 2016 on the regulation of vehicle parking in the Emirate of Dubai stipulates a number of conditions related to the payment of the permit to stand free of charge to citizens living in areas subject to the parking management system.

parking sign
parking sign in UAE

The conditions include that the competent administration determines the numbers of the parking fee payment devices authorized to stand near them as it deems appropriate, and indicate that the validity period of the permit extends for one year, renewable under the same conditions and procedures.

The decision indicates that the number of permits must be linked to the size of the dwelling based on the following determinants:

- A residential apartment consisting of a room, lounge or studio is authorized to have two free permits.

- A two-room and lounge apartment is authorized to have 3 free permits.

- A residential apartment consisting of three rooms and a lounge is authorized to have 4 free permits.

- A villa or apartment consisting of four or more rooms and a lounge, is authorized to have 5 free permits.

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