Eid Al Adha weekend in UAE: Top staycation spots revealed

Hotels in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are catering to tourists over the Eid Al Adha holiday by providing all-inclusive packages.

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Abu Dhabi is a new Eid al Adha staycation destination. According to UAE travel brokers, the capital's new islands are becoming more popular as hotels actively promote their properties.

Hotels provide all-inclusive staycation packages for locals, who prefer a quick getaway close to home.

Many are excited to arrange their short visits as Eid al Adha is likely to happen in June and people may receive a six-day respite depending on Moon sighting.

"Enquiries for weekend staycations deals come throughout the year and pick up before any festival time, especially before both Eid holidays," explains Air Travels Enterprises General Manager Reena Philip. Al Ain, Fujairah, and Ras Al Khaimah are popular with families because of the rainfall in northern emirates.

However, Abu Dhabi is becoming a staycation destination. New little islands have high-end five-star hotels. Dubai's weekend hotel deals attract staycationers. The capital wants Yas Island properties. Those who haven't seen Yas Island's attractions want houses there. Saadiyat Island and Anantara hotels in Abu Dhabi are extremely popular. "All Abu Dhabi beach properties are in high demand," she says.

Traffic from India is high when schools close for summer vacation.

Travel agencies said customers typically want to take their family on staycations because visiting visas entail more paperwork.

Ascentia Travel & Tours Managing Director Lakshmi Anand adds, “People come from India and when they are on a visit visa, families often go for staycations. Sir Baniyas, a desert island, is becoming more popular. Abu Dhabi's strong tourism promotion is trending. Yas Island hotels provide complimentary admission to Ferrari World, Warner Brothers, and Yas Waterworld. Some prefer staycations over international trips.

“RAK and Fujairah hotels are full and popular. People also visit Oman. UAE drivers visit Oman. Oman comprises Muscat and Salalah. Anand said people stay four nights and five days.

vacation brokers said staycation demand drops during summer, when people choose to vacation overseas, but UAE hotels expect occupancy levels to reach close to 100% due to resident demand.

Rashida Zayed, VP Operations, musafir.com, stated, “The demand for staycations is not (usually) very high especially during the month of June because of the local climate conditions around that time of year. Last year, resorts and theme parks were in demand, especially on Yas Island.” Travel brokers said occupancy rates and prices will rise towards the festival weekend, signalling a steady increase.

“We've noticed that trend. Philip adds, "Last-minute bookings also increase before the festival."

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