Electric cars map Dubai roads for driverless taxis driverless transportation

In preparation for the implementation of ambitious plans to provide driverless public transport by the end of this year, the roads in Dubai have been mapped by a fleet of five electric cars.

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To conduct research on traffic signals, signs, and driver behaviour in Jumeirah 1, Chevrolet Bolt automobiles were put on the road.

The Roads and Transport Authority of Dubai has formed a public-private partnership with the US firm Cruise to manage the rollout of autonomous taxis in the city.

It is possible for Cruise's system to function based on a detailed topographical map that is provided by vehicles that are equipped with mapping sensors like as light detection and ranging (Lidar) and cameras.

Using five autonomous Chevrolet Bolts in the Jumeirah 1 region, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) and Cruise, a self-driving technology firm, are collecting data on the traffic signals, signage, and driver behaviour in Dubai. This is being done by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) in collaboration with the self-driving technology startup Cruise.

Increasing Ambition for Autonomous Driving

Electric cars map
Dubai roads

In a social media post accompanied by a video showing the five cars driving around Dubai, the RTA explained that this was part of its strategy to "bolster Dubai's global leadership in self-driving transport and foster the emirate's aspirations of becoming the world's smartest city."

"Such an effort, requiring investment in smart mobility and the application of advanced technologies, is consistent with RTA's commitment to improve the health and safety of residents, visitors, and the general public."

Specialised drivers operated the sensor- and camera-equipped vehicles to collect data for use in building and updating a map that can be utilised by autonomous vehicles.

The transport administration has already hailed the agreement with Cruise as a significant milestone towards the objective of incorporating autonomous vehicles onto the road network in the emirate.

The RTA tweeted in July, "The agreement, which is the first of its kind worldwide between a government entity and a leading company in the field of autonomous vehicles, is a major step towards realising Dubai's Self-Driving Transport Strategy."

In late 2023, ten fully autonomous taxis will begin transporting customers.

The introduction of driverless taxis is a step towards a larger goal of having 25% of all journeys taken in 2030 be made without human intervention.

The RTA stated in March of last year that it would begin testing driverless taxis in conjunction with Cruise, the autonomous vehicle subsidiary of General Motors in which Cruise holds a controlling stake, with a total of ten vehicles.

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