Severe penalties announced by Emirates Airlines to deal with rioting passengers

As a result of the United Arab Emirates' participation in an international agreement for the control of passengers arriving in countries on international flights, airport staff now have access to a greater number of resources to help them deal with troublesome people. This comes as a direct result of the agreement.

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As of the first of May, passengers who are disruptive and commit offences such as physical assault, harassment, smoking, or breaching crew directives will be subject to legal action.

Regulations will be implemented regardless of where the aircraft is registered, filling a loophole in present aviation law that limits the prosecution of rowdy passengers for less severe types of misbehaviour. The gap will be filled by imposing regulations regardless of where the aircraft is registered.

Incidents that take place on board have the potential to have a severe influence not only on the safety of flights, but also on the schedules of passengers and the efficiency of the staff.

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Emirates Airlines
Emirates Airlines rules

Emirates Airlines ratification of the Montreal Protocol 2014

The United Arab Emirates has ratified the Montreal Protocol 2014 (MP14) in an effort to increase the effectiveness of international law as a deterrent to misconduct aboard aeroplanes.

According to Kamil Al-Awadhi, IATA's regional vice president for Africa and the Middle East, "this will not only give the UAE authorities important new powers in dealing with unruly passengers that land in the country, but as a major aviation market and ICAO [International Civil Aviation Organisation] Council member, it will also encourage other states to ratify MP14."

"This will promote stronger international harmony and increase the legal deterrent against boisterous and disruptive passengers who pose a threat to the well-being of passengers and crew.

The airline industry as a whole is committed to ensuring passenger safety.

Last month, two drunk males on an IndiGo flight from Dubai to Mumbai loudly abused the cabin personnel.

Upon touching down, both were taken into custody and accused of jeopardising the lives of others.

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An Italian woman aboard a Vistara flight from Abu Dhabi to Mumbai in January attacked a member of staff and spat at another, prompting the crew to tie her to her seat.

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