Urgent.. Emirates Airlines announces the date for implementing digital boarding passes for passengers

Emirates Airlines announces the date for implementing digital boarding passes for passengers, Emirates Airlines stated today, Friday, that beginning May 15, it will begin digitally authenticating boarding passes for passengers departing from Dubai, rather than the printed paper copy, in yet another attempt to enhance ease and ensure digital flights for its customers.

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Passengers who complete their travel processes at Dubai International Airport's Terminal 3 can acquire boarding tickets through e-mail or SMS, according to the airline.

Passengers who check in online can download their boarding pass to their Apple or Google Wallets, or they can receive their boarding pass via the Emirates Airline app.

The checked baggage receipt is also sent to travellers or available via the Emirates App.

 implementing digital boarding passes for passengers
digital boarding passes

The importance of using a digital boarding pass

This effort dramatically minimises paper waste while giving travellers departing from Dubai with a simple and quick digital check-in experience. It also decreases the possibility of losing boarding permits or forgetting where they are kept, providing travellers with peace of mind when travelling.

Passengers show the digital boarding card on their mobile phone to Emirates Airlines agents and airport staff, who scan the QR code on the card while passengers are moving through the airport and at the gates.

Some customers, such as families travelling with infants, unaccompanied minors, travellers requiring special assistance, travellers connecting with other airlines, and all passengers flying to the United States, may still require a paper boarding pass to be prepared for them.

If a passenger does not have a mobile phone or is unable to access information on his device due to factors such as a dead battery, system failure, or a delay in receiving the message, or an inability to connect to the Internet, network, or data package, he can request a boarding pass from Emirates Airlines agents at the travel check-in counters.

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