Urgent .. Emirates Airlines opens a new facility to check-in for travel

Emirates Airlines opens a new facility to check-in for travel, Emirates Airlines has launched a trip check-in facility in the Dubai International Financial Centre, allowing clients to shop for travel needs, book flights, finish their travel processes, and deliver their baggage all while saving time at the airport.

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The new check-in and sales facility is situated in a convenient location within the prestigious ICD Brookfield Place section of the mall. It enables travellers to drop off their bags up to 24 hours in advance and up to four hours before their flight, and they let passengers to arrive at the airport in total comfort.

Customers of the facility, which comes within the framework of Emirates Airlines' continuous investments to enhance the customer experience, are able to complete their travel procedures daily from eight in the morning until ten in the night, to begin their travel experience with a smooth service through self-service kiosks, or at the "counters" at Emirates Airlines agents. ', or the world's first automated procedures with the assistance of the robot 'Sarah'. This allows customers to begin their travel experience with a seamless service.

Contemporary location

The cutting-edge mobile check-in system that Sara has developed matches travellers' faces to the scanned images of their passports, then registers them and directs them to the location where they can drop off their luggage.

The travel procedures and sales facility is a spacious, modern space that provides the opportunity to book tickets, browse travel requirements, baggage delivery, and check-in, as well as offer paid parking for Emirates Airlines passengers. This is made possible by its flat screen "LCD" that displays the most recent destination content from "Emirates Airlines," including an interactive touch screen map. Customers also receive professional guidance and special offers on well-known locations, and travel advisors assist customers in purchasing plane tickets for future flights, managing existing reservations, upgrading existing reservations, selecting preferred seats, and making additional baggage arrangements, as necessary. Customers also receive expert guidance and special offers on well-known locations.

Facilitate travel procedures

Facilitate travel procedures

Upscale facilities

Emirates Airlines travellers who are in possession of valid boarding passes and who prefer to explore the neighbourhood or spend some time relaxing before their flight are granted free access to a selection of the high-end amenities at ICD Brookfield Place, in addition to exclusive discounts and special deals at a variety of restaurants, gyms, and stores. luxury.

They are also able to take advantage of the surroundings of the Dubai International Financial Centre, which include a wide promenade on Centre Gate Street and a range of services, shopping opportunities, restaurants serving international cuisine, and art galleries. When it is time for them to go, they have the option of taking a cab directly to the airport, making use of the complimentary "car with driver" service offered by Emirates Airlines, or walking for ten minutes to reach the Financial Centre metro station, from which they can easily transfer to the Terminal 3 metro station at Dubai International Airport.

latest addition

"The completion of travel procedures in the city is the latest addition to the travel experience with (Emirates Airlines), which confirms our commitment to providing customers with a range of convenient options," said Adel Al-Ridha, Chief Operating Officer of Emirates Airlines. "The completion of travel procedures in the city" was originally published as "The completion of travel procedures in the city." In addition, he stated that "our new facility in the Dubai International Financial Centre area allows our customers to complete travel procedures and deliver luggage with comfort and ease, thereby avoiding peak times at the airport and waiting in queues."

More facilities

In a statement to the press, Al-Ridha disclosed that Emirates Airlines is mulling over the possibility of opening other facilities in Dubai over the next period of time. This, of course, is contingent on the level of demand for the new centre that has been expressed by customers.

Al Redha noted that the new facility is the first of its kind in Dubai of this size and equipment, which enables travellers to complete travel formalities and hand over bags with comfort and convenience, thereby avoiding peak times at the airport and waiting in queues. According to Al-Rida, the utilisation of the cutting-edge and mobile automated travel procedures system known as the robot "Sara" will be increased. This system is currently being enhanced to the point where it will eventually be able to weigh luggage as a secondary function.

The majority of Emirati tourists intend to spend their time off in Europe in 2023.

The findings of a large-scale poll that was carried out by dnata Travel, the largest provider of travel services in the Emirates, found that travellers from the Emirates are most interested in visiting Europe in the year 2023.

According to a statement that was released the other day, the investigation was carried out throughout the first three months of the current year.

The participants who disclosed their travel intentions and preferences stated that they would most want to spend their next vacation in Europe, followed by the islands of the Indian Ocean (which received the preference of 20% of the respondents).

Switzerland, the Maldives, and Turkey are some of the countries that appear on passenger lists the most frequently.

In addition, 28% of the people who took the survey intend to make their leisure travel reservations in advance, between two and six months in advance, in contrast to the days or weeks they did so in past years.

37% of travellers will include "all inclusive" as a component of their holiday programme in 2023, indicating that travellers are increasingly planning vacations that include more components.

The majority of the participants intend to go on vacation during the month of July 2023; other anticipated travel peaks for this year include June, August, and December, in addition to this April.

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