Emirates private schools require 500 dirhams to enrol students in the new academic year

Parents in the Emirates had until the end of May to pay 500 dirhams to secure their children's enrollment in private schools for the upcoming school year.

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She said she would give priority in reserving seats for new students and those registered in her classes to those who paid the reservation fee, and that students who did not pay the price would be considered not registered in her classes for the following academic year.

Nihad Zaitouneh, Ramzi Ghanem, and Salam Kamel's families claim that it is quite expensive to reserve school seats at 500 dirhams for each student, especially if they have more than one child in school.

They also mentioned that they hadn't yet paid the final tuition installment for this academic year.

They asked that schools keep the student enrolled in their classes as long as he is behind in his academics.

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Schools in the UAE require payment of 500 dirhams

They claim that the requirement for private schools to pay 500 dirhams to reserve a seat by the end of May is a burden. Schools should also consider students who did not request a transfer certificate to another school to continue their classes, taking into account their families' financial circumstances, especially since many of them have three students in the school and will be unable to pay 1,500 dirhams or more in exchange for reserving seats for their children before they finish paying the rest of the fees. tuition.

They stated that failing to secure a seat early may result in the student being denied re-registration for the following academic year, and demanded that their situations be considered and that they agree to reserve seats in exchange for post-dated cheques.

Private schools, for their part, confirmed that they opened the door for reserving school seats from the beginning of last March to the end of this month, and that they sent text messages to kids' families pressing them to hasten payment of the value of reserving seats.

She further stated that failure to pay the fee for reserving the academic seat will result in the registration of other students, and the student will not be registered in her classes for the following academic year.

She stated that the number of vacant seats assists schools in determining the number of new students, and that seat reservation fees are not refundable if students' families cancel their children's re-registration in the classrooms, and that it will be considered as part of the tuition fees for the next academic year and deducted from the total value of the tuition fees if the student decides to stay in school.

She said that some kids' families pay the cost of reserving a seat, but then transfer their children to other schools before the start of the school year, causing uncertainty in the registration offices of private schools before the start of the next academic year.

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