Emirati identity and nationality: The 90-day deadline for visit visas has been extended, according to the new

Identity and Nationality: The 90-day limit for visit visas has been extended, according to the new amendments.

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The new amendments introduced a service by which the visit visa of a relative or friend (one or more journeys) is extended for 30, 60, or 90 days through the smart channels of the authority.

The updates also included the service of extending the visa for 30 days and once for holders of 90-day visas, as well as not allowing the application for renewal of residency if the residency is valid for more than 6 months, and providing services for canceling and modifying visa data in the accounts of Cooperation Council citizens registered without identity. Emirati.

Developing the smart services system:

The new updates announced by the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs, and Ports Security in the system of smart services come within the framework of the plan of the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs, and Ports Security, to develop the services system in line with developments, meet the needs of customers, and contribute to strengthening the ability of the Authority and the state to cross into the future. With steady steps and a clear vision that maintains the security of society and supports stability and economic growth.

The updates comprise 15 services and procedures about the availability of a variety of services in the accounts of establishments about the issuance of tourist visas for family groups, treatment, and patient accompaniment, whether for a single trip or multiple trips lasting between 60 and 180 days.

Exempting citizens of determination from the fingerprint requirement:

The updated package of services and procedures includes exempting citizens of people of determination from the fingerprinting requirement when submitting applications for issuance, renewal, and replacement of passports for them, and providing an exceptional service from Emirates ID procedures (fingerprints and ICAO) in individual E-Channel accounts, as well as ceasing the collection of fees. The financial guarantee on the services of opening a manor sponsorship file, the availability of a fee recovery service for this category by the applicable controls, fees, and conditions, and the governance of profession modification within the service of amending the residency data of twins, with the classification of professions associated with certain types of residency.

Add the reference number to identity requests:

Among the new updates to the authority's smart services system is the addition of a reference number for identity requests to the financial receipt, as well as the discontinuation of the delegates' service, establishment fund services, and all related features and verification mechanisms, the addition of a smart services fee of 100 dirhams by the approved controls and conditions, and the provision of the service to those who have been out of the country for more than six months.

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