European Imprisonment in UAE for stealing pant and fined 1,375 dirhams

To avoid paying the full asking price of 1375 dirhams for a pair of trousers from a popular brand, a European picked out a shirt that cost 575 dirhams, took both items into the dressing room and then paid the cashier the 575 dirhams for the shirt before leaving. For the stolen article of apparel, the Dubai Misdemeanour Court sentenced him to one month in jail and a fine.

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The Dubai Police were alerted to a shoplifting occurrence, as detailed in the report.

A store employee said that a stranger walked into the store, picked out some trousers and a shirt, tried them on and then paid 575 dirhams for the shirt with a credit card before leaving.

Worker verification revealed that he had failed to return the trousers and had also failed to pay for them.

Surveillance footage revealed that the offender removed the trousers from the changing room and left without the victim. The authorities recognised him and took him into custody. He admitted to stealing while being questioned.

The court determined that the defendant should serve only one month in prison, pay a fine equal to the worth of the trousers, and be deported from the country because of the special circumstances of the case.

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