Extending the stay of visitors to the UAE after the introduction of new visa services

The Federal Administration for Identity and Nationality, Customs and Ports Security recently announced several adjustments to their policies, one of which included the addition of fifteen new services and procedures. One of these new services included the ability to extend visit visas for family and friends.

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Changing and improving the country's visa application process

The new changes made it possible for individuals to receive a service that would extend the visit visa of a relative or friend for a period of 30, 60, or 90 days in their accounts through the authority's smart channels. This extension may apply to one or more journeys.
The updates also included the service of extending the visa for a period of 30 days and for a single time for holders of 90-day visas. Also, the service of not permitting the application for renewal of residency if the residency validity is more than 6 months was included in the updates.
Additionally, it offers services for nationals of Cooperation Council countries who have enrolled without an Emirati identity to have their visas cancelled and their visa data amended in their online accounts.

The goals of the proposed changes to the visa system in the UAE

The Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs and Ports Security has a plan to develop the services system in line with developments, meet the needs of customers, and contribute to strengthening the ability of the Authority and the state to cross into the future. The new updates that have been announced for the system of smart services come within the framework of this plan. By taking measured actions and having a well-defined plan, which together ensure the safety of the population and contribute to the expansion of the economy.

The following is a list of recent improvements and changes made to the visa system.

The revisions include fifteen different services and procedures that pertain to the availability of a wide variety of services in the accounts of establishments with regard to the issuance of tourist visas for family groups, as well as treatment and patient accompaniment, regardless of whether it is a single trip or several trips over the course of sixty or one hundred eighty days.
removing the requirement that citizens of persons of determination provide fingerprints when applying for new passports, renewing existing passports, or replacing lost or stolen passports for people of determination

List of new amendments to the visa system

And the provision of a service that exempts individuals from the Emirates ID procedures (fingerprint and ICAO) for their accounts in the E-Channel.
Put an end to charging costs for the services of opening a manor guarantee file and stop collecting financial guarantee fees.
as well as the provision of a fee refund service for this category that is in compliance with the regulations, fees, and conditions that are applicable.
And the administration of occupational shifts in the interest of modifying twins' residential information
And the categorization of professions that are related to certain kinds of living arrangements.
The identity demands on the financial receipt will be updated to include the reference number.
And putting an end to the service provided by representatives, as well as the service provided by establishment funds, as well as all of the features and verification procedures connected to them.
In accordance with the terms and circumstances that were accepted, we will also be imposing a smart service fee of one hundred dirhams.
And in order to offer assistance to people who will be living outside the country for a period of time longer than six months

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