FEWA in UAE lists 4 devices that raise electricity bills

Four commonly used household equipment have been singled out by the Union Electricity and Water Union as major contributors to unnecessary energy consumption and higher monthly electricity bills.

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She went on to say that appliances like dishwashers, washing machines, and refrigerators use up the most energy in a home, and that if they're older than ten years, they'll use more electricity than they need to run properly. To combat this, she recommended running the dishwasher and washing machine only when they're full of water, and switching to the cold water cycle instead of the hot one.

She continued by saying that the water heater uses a lot of electricity while functioning, and that lowering the water temperature in the heater by two degrees Celsius contributes to reducing electricity consumption by 6%; that consumers should be cautious when using (LED) lamps; that these lamps save energy by 90%.%; and that the life span of these lamps is 30 times longer than that of other lamps.

She said that a common problem with home wiring is that the outlets get too hot to the touch, the lights flicker or go dark, one can feel an electric tingling when touching certain appliances, one can hear a buzzing sound coming from the connections, and one can smell a burning or damaged odour coming from certain appliances or connections.

According to her, the 467,554 customers of Etihad Water and Electricity Dealers last year completed 4 million smart transactions, accounting for 90% of all transactions and showing an increase of up to 14% from the previous year's totals. Before, in 2021.

The most essential goals of the Union for Electricity and Water, she said, are to foster a culture of innovation in the institutional workplace; to rationalise the uses of electric energy and desalinated water; and to reduce their waste to ensure sustainable development.

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