Financial Grants Guide for Disabled People in Dubai 2023

 The UAE participates in supporting people with disabilities in various aspects and at all levels, as the state seeks to empower and support them by providing all services and facilities in the fields of education, health, employment and others, not to mention the adoption of a protection policy for this segment, which is an integral part of the UAE society, in addition to the benefits provided to people with disabilities in the Emirate of Dubai, including financial benefits for people with disabilities, which will be mentioned in this article, specifically the groups that are entitled to apply for The scholarship, along with the conditions to be completed, the required papers and documents, as well as the official application channels and other important details.

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How to Apply for Financial grants for Disabled People

It is necessary at the beginning to identify those of concern, who are all persons who suffer from a total or partial, permanent or temporary deficiency or imbalance in their physical, mental, or psychological abilities that prevents them from achieving the requirements of life in any form. The financial benefits for people with disabilities in the UAE are any lump-sum cash assistance provided to them or their families for their integration and empowerment into society, so that they are able to meet the challenges they face.

In addition to securing their own needs and providing them with a decent life, they contribute to the payment of certain service costs, perhaps most notably the payment of tuition and qualification fees or the provision of health or psychological care and other facilities for people with disabilities in Dubai and other Emirates.

Eligible categories to apply for disability grants in the UAE

The most prominent categories entitled to apply for disability grants in the UAE, whether they have a disability or a loved one, are as follows:

  1. All citizens registered in a compendium of UAE registration, who are residing in the Emirate of Dubai on a permanent and stable basis
  2. All people who are not self-independent, according to the Dubai Community Development Authority rankings for managing people with disabilities
  3. Low-income earners based on average monthly income of the head of family

Conditions for obtaining financial benefits for disabled people

The Emirate of Dubai has the advantage of providing a smooth system that makes it easy to apply for financial benefits to those who are disabled. A number of conditions must be met, most notably:

  1. To be a permanent and stable resident at the Emirate of Dubai
  2. Attend in person for categories unable to apply online via the website or smart app. It should be noted that it is permitted to apply by the head of the family or his representative with an official authorization
  3. Everyone holds a bond card for the people with disabilities.
Financial grants for Disabled People UAE
Disabled People UAE

Documents required according to applicant category

The documents and papers required in order to apply for the benefits of the UAE's disabilities people vary by target category, as shown below:

Head of family

  1. UAE ID valid
  2. Electronic version of the compendium of registeration
  3. Electronic version of salary certificate showing retirement deduction (in case of retirement from work)
  4. Declaration of non-working (electronic form signed by the Community Development Authority)
  5. Electronic version of proof of residence
  6. Electronic copy of the retirement remuneration letter (in case of retirement from work)


  1. Electronic version of national identity card valid
  2. Electronic copy of the marriage document (if the wife is not registered in the compendium of registration)


Electronic version of national identity card valid

Beneficial person

Proof of registration on bond card

​Unmarried and non-employed children (18 years or older)

Electronic acknowledgement of non-employment for reason or cause, or a copy confirming the continuation of studying at private universities and colleges in case of study at public universities

  • Anonymous (18 years or younger)

Electronic version bail and care proof

  • The Divorced
  1. Electronic version of divorce document
  2. Confirmation of a marital status (electronic form signed through the community development authority)
  3. Proof of children custody from Dubai courts, or electronic copy if custody is from courts outside the Emirate
  4. Electronic copy of proof of alimony or settlement agreement
  5. Proof of sustenance in case of children leaving the custody age (18 years or younger) from Dubai courts, or an electronic copy if the sustenance is from courts outside the Emirate
  • The Widowed
  1. Confirmation of a marital status
  2. Legit decree from Dubai courts, or an electronic version if the legit decree is from courts outside the Emirate

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