for kidnapping and raping waitress in Dubai Life imprisonment for a restaurant owner

A restaurant owner was sentenced to life in prison for his role in the kidnapping and subsequent rape of a waitress over the course of eight days.

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The Chinese man hired the woman in September of last year to work at his restaurant in Dubai.

In Dubai Criminal Court, it was revealed that three months later, on December 30, he abducted the waitress as she was leaving the venue located in International City.

The two of them went to a flat together because he was hoping to start a relationship with her. But when she turned him down, he took her to a villa where he and five other guys raped her for eight days straight.

"I told him that I love someone else and don't want to have an affair with him," the woman, whose age and identity were withheld, claimed.

After keeping me locked up for four days, he finally took me to an apartment in the Barsha neighbourhood, where I encountered a gang of five men.

Over the course of eight days, the woman claimed she was beaten and gang-raped by the man, whose name was redacted from the report.

To paraphrase, "He threatened to harm me even more if I alerted the police," she alleged.

While her assailants slept, the woman used her teeth to free themselves and flee the villa.

A bystander called for help and an ambulance drove her to the hospital, where she was given medical attention for her wounds.

In court, a police officer testified, "We moved to Rashid Hospital to check her condition."

"She told me she came to the UAE three months before the incident and that she worked in a restaurant with the defendant."

The suspect was tracked down and detained. According to court documents, the other five attackers remain at large in Dubai.

The woman's story about being attacked matches the injuries she sustained, according to the medical examiner.

The man was found guilty and given a life sentence; after serving his time, he will be deported.

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