Free health checks for Delivery riders in Dubai today

In an effort to enhance overall road safety, delivery riders were provided free health checkups. Included in the routine checkups to reduce the number of deaths on the roads are eye exams and vitamin supplementation.

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A new programme in Dubai that provides free health checkups to delivery riders has the overarching goal of reducing the amount of accidents that occur on the roadways as a direct result of poor health and exhaustion.

Due to the increasing number of riders on the city's congested roadways, the incidence of accidents involving riders has increased in tandem with the growth of Dubai's food delivery sector.

The Riders' Corner Initiative is the most recent welfare programme designed to better the working conditions of delivery bikes. It provides delivery bikers with access to free quarterly health checkups at Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC).

Health screenings, eye exams and vitamin supplements will be made available to riders of motorbike delivery services thanks to a cooperation between the Clemenceau Medical Centre, Moorfields Eye Hospital Dubai and Al Manara Pharmacy.

Workers can utilise the services offered by the Al Razi Medical Complex located in Building 64 of the DHCC, obtain free water, and charge their mobile devices by calling in to the facility.

Since the service's inception, more than fifty delivery riders have already utilised it, and during the course of the summer, hundreds more are anticipated to do so.

The project is a continuation of a scheme that was implemented by the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority to encourage riders to take frequent rests while on shift, particularly during the hotter summer months.

At the three integrated rest stops located on Sheikh Zayed Road close to the Festival Plaza at Jebel Ali Village, at Port Saeed next to Al Muraqabat Street 22, and at Ras Al Khor Industrial Area 2 close to Al Manama Street, basic services such as maintenance facilities, refuelling, rest areas and restaurants, as well as information on public safety, have been established.

When compared to the previous year, the number of delivery services that were active in Dubai in 2022 saw an increase of about 50 percent.

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