Free mental health hotlines in UAE: These numbers are for residents in need.

Free helplines for mental health in the UAE: In the event of an emergency, residents can reach these numbers.

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The week of May 15, 2023, known as Mental Health Awareness Week, will run through May 21, 2023, and will provide an excellent chance to shine a light on mental health concerns as well as the various support alternatives that are open to the general public.

Problems with mental health can affect people of any age and from any walk of life. Following the announcement of the results of their CBSE examinations, three students in India's 12th grade have recently taken their own lives. In the recent years, a number of situations like these have been documented, demonstrating that not only adults but also youngsters require assistance, understanding, and support in order to successfully navigate life.

Help may be found in a variety of forms in the United Arab Emirates for people who are struggling with their mental health.

Calling 800-HOPE (8004673) will connect you to a mental health help line that is open from 8 am to 8 pm daily. Launched by the National Programme for Happiness & Wellbeing in support of the National Campaign volunteers, it was supported by the National Campaign Residents can also use the Whatsapp messaging service by sending a message to the number 8004673.

In addition, a help line is provided by the Indian Workers Resources Centre (IWRC). The contact centre was initially designed to serve people of Indian descent; however, it now assists people of many other ethnicities. The toll-free number for the helpline is 800 46342.

The Estijaba hotline, which can be contacted by calling 8001717, provides citizens of Abu Dhabi with access to professionals who can provide them with psychological care. Telephone services are provided by members of staff of Seha, which stands for the Abu Dhabi Health Authority.

The government of the UAE makes available a wide variety of resources, including access to psychologists who have medical training. The following is a list of links to the following resources:

Free mental health hotlines in UAE


Abu Dhabi:

Mental health services may be found at the following URL in the UAE:

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