Historic event... Al Neyadi becomes the first Arab to walk in space

The Emirati "Sultan Al Neyadi" has become the first Arab astronaut to walk in space , as the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) posted a live broadcast on its official social media of its mission, led by Al-Neyadi and fellow astronaut Stephen Bowie, as they move in space and work on maintaining and modernizing the International Space Station.

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Sultan Al Neyadi's statements about his space mission

Al Neyadi stated that : "Today we reach a new milestone in our journey.. a few hours and I will be leaving the pressure equalization unit on the International Space Station."

The Emirati astronaut confirmed that he underwent intensive training, that lasted for more than three years in preparation for this historical mission, which requires concentration and precision.

All about Sultan Al Neyadi

Sultan Al-Neyadi, (41 years), from the "Umm Ghafah" area in Abu Dhabi's Al-Ain city, is the first Arab who spend six months in space after launching on February 26 to the International Space Station. through the "Falcon 9 Rocket" manufactured by the company "SpaceX".
He also considered to be the second Emirati to take part in space travel mission after Hazza Al Mansouri, who spent 8 days on the International Space Station in September 2019.

Al Neyadi
Sultan Al Neyadi

The International Space Station

As the last spacewalk outside the International Space Station for Russian cosmonaut Sergei Prokobeev, Dmitry Betlin was on April 19, according to NASA.

The US space agency (NASA) will broadcast exit of historical Neyadi from the International Space Station.

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