How do you obtain an Emirates ID within 24 hours

The officials in the UAE broke down the steps necessary to obtain an Emirates ID in only one day.

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The officials in the UAE broke down the steps necessary to obtain an Emirates ID in only one day.

The Emirates ID issuance service is available only within 24 hours.

Getting an Emirates ID and making sure it is kept up to date when it runs out is required of all anyone living in the United Arab Emirates, whether they are citizens or residents. In exchange for the collection of the required service fee in addition to the immediate service fee, the Federal Authority for Identity and Nationality, Customs and Ports Security offers an urgent service for issuing an ID card and delivering it within twenty-four hours. The fee for this service is in addition to the fee for the immediate service.

Documentation of identity for locals and nationals alike

When a citizen or resident of the Gulf Cooperation Council registers for the first time, renews an expired card, or requests a replacement for a card that has been lost or damaged, the service of issuing an identity card is available to them. This service is available to citizens and residents of all age groups.

The issuance of Emirates ID cards for non-Emirati citizens and residents

The urgent "Fawry" service is restricted to the case of obtaining a replacement for an identity card that has been lost, stolen, or damaged for residents of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), with the exception of citizens of countries that are members of the Gulf Cooperation Council. It is necessary to present the original, valid passport in order to obtain it, and one's residency documentation must also be current, as the application process involves the retaking of fingerprints and the submission of a personal photo.

Detailed information regarding the steps required to obtain an Emirates ID card for citizens

Citizens are required to submit an original family book, an original passport that is still valid, and their previous identity card in order to go through the process of obtaining a new identity card or renewing an old one.

Instructions for obtaining an identity card from the Emirates for nationals of other GCC countries

The initial version of a passport that is still valid is required of nationals of nations that are members of the Cooperation Council.

The consumer must present the original, legal Gulf identity card that was issued by his country of origin (if they are over the age of 19), or the original, valid identity card of one of their parents (18 years and under)

A recent photograph from your personal collection measuring 4.5 by 3.5 centimetres and having a white background (for those under 15 years old).

Documentation demonstrating that the bearer is a legal resident of the country, including but not limited to

The first family book, intended for the offspring of both male and female citizens and intended to be kept by the head of the household (all pages).

The original identity documents that demonstrate the applicant's relationship of kinship with a citizen of the United States of America, such as those belonging to the applicant's mother, father, children, spouse, or wife (birth certificate - marriage contract - family book, etc.)

Original valid trade licence

An actual certificate proving that the student attended one of the country's schools, colleges, or universities continuously during their academic career.

The initial version of the employment contract that was approved by the Department of Labor for workers in the private sector.

An original work certificate for government employees, issued by one of the government institutions in the country and issued by that institution in its original form.

Evidence of residency of the client who is 18 years old or younger or one of the customer's parents in the nation in accordance with one of the documents listed above.

What are the steps that I need to take to get the Emirates ID Rapid Issuance Service?

The customer must go to one of the Customer Happiness Centers operated by the Authority and present all of the necessary documentation in order to receive this quick service.

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