Instructions for buying safe liquefied gas cylinders in the UAE

In Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, he began publishing many instructions for purchasing safe liquefied gas cylinders in the Emirates in order to protect all residents, citizens and non-citizens.

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Sealing new Emirates gas cylinders to prevent counterfeiting

The Emirates Gas Corporation has installed new gas cylinder seals in Dubai, Dubai is located in the United Arab Emirates, A step that comes as an extension of the work that the two companies have been doing to raise safety standards, ensure customer protection, and offer them with the best goods so that they may reach the greatest possible safety practises.

gas cylinders
gas cylinders

How to identify Emirates gas cylinders to prevent fraud

The new unified PVC seal has a variety of characteristics, including a 3D logo and a unique serial number, in addition to other aspects that prevent counterfeiting. These characteristics include the colour pink and violet, the material, and the serial number, A three-dimensional representation of the Emirates Gas emblem is embossed on the new pink seal that bears the Emirates brand. In the purple seal, in addition to a special horizontal serial number that helps prevent unlicensed distributors from illegally distributing LPG cylinders, the new seal comes with a three-dimensional logo, which makes it impossible to copy or reuse after removing it for the first time, and Emirates Gas urges » And «Emirates» their customers to examine the new seals and identify them to ensure that they are the original seals that have been approved by the two companies.

gas cylinders
gas cylinders

Reasons for putting a seal on gas cylinders in the Emirates

The Chief Executive Officer of ENOC Group, Saif Humaid Al Falasi, stated that ensuring customer safety is an essential pillar in ENOC, and for this reason we are keen to take measures that raise safety and security standards in our various operational processes, and by launching new gas cylinder seals, aiming to reduce any potential risks, and to continue Launching pioneering products in accordance with the highest standards of safety in the liquefied petroleum gas sector, while the Director General of ENOC stated that ENOC is committed The introduction of gas cylinder seals comes at this time The newly developed items made from liquefied petroleum will give customers the opportunity to profit directly from the high quality of the products.

Instructions of gas cylinder companies in the Emirates to customers

In accordance with the laws that were handed down by the government of the UAE, Emirates Gas and Emirates requested that its customers purchase LPG cylinders only from authorised distributors and that they obtain a regular invoice for value-added tax from the distributor with each transaction, This was done in order to ensure compliance with the laws, With the introduction of the new stamp, it is intended to combat the illegal sale of LPG cylinders.

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