Watch The $10m wooden-dhow-inspired superyacht in Emirates

It is very possible that a superyacht that is designed to resemble a traditional wooden dhow will garner a lot of attention as it is travelling through the Arabian Gulf.

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The boat was revealed to be available for purchase by yacht agency Bush & Noble on Monday, and it has been given the listing price of $9,995,000 (Dh36,706,637) in Dubai.

The luxury boat boasts six bedrooms, an exterior made of teak, and furniture that were "all sourced from Italy with no expense spared."

Dhows, which are traditional Arabian sailing boats, have played a significant role in commercial activity in the Gulf for hundreds of years, with Dubai acting as a hub for trade in the region.

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The 50-meter wooden superyacht was designed with inspiration from its extensive past.

Henderson Marine International "designed and engineered" it, and work on it began in 2020.

Teak and fibreglass were used in the construction of the boat, with additional teak used on the "superstructures"—a term used in the yachting industry to refer to the main portion of a yacht where the accommodations, bridge, and other features are located.

According to Bush & Noble, it is the "largest wooden superyacht ever built".

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The boat has a 10.56m beam

There is plenty of space for socialising in the breakfast bar, two screening rooms, and a formal dining area thanks to the boat's 10.56m beam.

As many as 12 guests and five crew members can stay on board the superyacht, which is the term used to describe ships longer than 24 metres.

According to Bush & Noble, the yacht was "cavernous" and furnished with "all sourced from Italy at no expense spared" accoutrements. It has diesel engines that allow it to reach a peak speed of 33 kph, or 18 knots.

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Brett Noble, a co-founder of Bush & Noble, stated, "We are happy to have this gorgeous handcrafted wooden boat as part of our fleet.

Even the most discriminating yachting aficionados will be impressed by this very unique vessel.

These boats are uncommon, don't frequently show up at boat fairs or get a lot of publicity, and are usually manufactured to order. The Bush & Noble website states that anybody interested in viewing the boat may get in touch with the business to find out more or arrange a visit.

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It occurs at a time when the UAE is successfully positioning itself as a yachting destination. Among the boats on display at this year's Dubai International Boat Show at Dubai Harbour were 35 super yachts valued at Dh2.5 billion.

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