Meteorology in the UAE warns residents about the upcoming weather instability

An important alert was issued by the "Meteorology" in the United Arab Emirates regarding the upcoming weather instability in the region, which will continue for several days.

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Weather alert for bad weather in the UAE

The National Center of Meteorology issued an alert about the expected weather condition in the country until next Wednesday, during which it confirmed that the region is affected by a surface depression from the southwest, coinciding with an extension of an air depression and a western air current in the upper layers of the atmosphere, which leads to the movement of various cloud formations from the west towards The state is in successive waves.

UAE weather

The center expected that the state of atmospheric instability will continue tomorrow, and the weather will be partly cloudy to cloudy and interspersed with some cumulus clouds over separate areas of the country, accompanied by the fall of various rains, heavy, noting that the winds are southeasterly to northeasterly, light to moderate and active at times. Its speed ranges from 15 to 35 km/h, reaching 40 km/h on the sea, which has medium waves, sometimes turbulent with clouds in the Arabian Gulf and in the Sea of Oman.

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