Mohammed Al-Hammadi..First Emirati World Nuclear Association president

The Board of Directors of the World Nuclear Association selected Mohammed Ibrahim Al Hammadi, the Managing Director and CEO of the Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation, during the meeting of the Board of Directors to be the new Chairman of the Board for the association. Al-Hammadi will be handed over his duties as Chairman in 2024, becoming the first Emirati and the first Arabic person to reach this position, and it's the second international achievement for Emirates in the nuclear energy sector after Hammadi was selected to be head of the International Organisation of Nuclear Operations in October 2022.

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The president of the World Nuclear Association

The duties of the association, which is based in London, the British capital, are to support the development of nuclear energy programmes worldwide, and its members produce about 70% of the world's total nuclear energy. As the members of the association employ a general manager and elect a 20-member board of directors, which performs its management duties and defines its strategic policies and objectives.

Mohammed Al-Hammadi
World Nuclear Association president

Al-Hammadi Statments

Hammadi mentioned, "Thanks to the wise vision of wise leadership, the UAE's peaceful nuclear programme has contributed to the consolidation of the country's position in the global nuclear energy sector and the consolidation of international confidence through the scientific approach taken by the UAE by launching its outstanding journey in order to be one of the most environmentally friendly energy sources".

He added, "With the support of the wise leadership to develop peaceful nuclear energy in the country, Barakah nuclear power plants have become a success story and model for countries that plan to develop this vital source of environmentally friendly electricity and reduce the carbon footprint of energy sectors. There is no doubt that all countries are currently making significant efforts to ensure energy security and sustainability together in order to reach climate neutrality by 2050".

Hammadi was elected to be a member of the board of directors of the association in April 2022. This new achievement of selecting him to be the chairman illuminates the continued commitment of the UAE in cooperation with the global nuclear energy sector by sharing best practises, knowledge, and lessons learned.

Nuclear energy projects

Moreover, the United Arab Emirates has become a role model for new nuclear energy projects in the world with the consolidation of Barakah peaceful nuclear power plant's reputation widely, as it is considered to be one of the most advanced nuclear power plants in the world and develops according to the highest international standards of safety, quality, and transparency.

In addition to his new international position, Al-Hammadi is also the Head of the International Organisation of Nuclear Operators; he is the first Emirati and the first Arabic person to reach this position after he won the confidence of its members during the general meeting of the organisation in October 2022, which is held every two years in Prague, the Czech capital.

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