Moving to Dubai? Here's a rental guide with options for every price range

Moving to a new country is a big step, but it may be rewarding to experience a new culture and satisfy your desire.

Depending on the quality of your lodgings, you may quickly feel at home or long for familiar surroundings.

Dubai, as one of the most popular destinations for international workers, offers a wide variety of living arrangements, from temporary shelter to permanent residence.

Apartments in Dubai Marina and Downtown Dubai are plenty for those who appreciate high-rise living and contemporary design.

Satwa, Deira, and Bur Dubai provide a wide variety of villas and flats for people looking for something with more personality, and at rates that are far lower than in the rest of the city.

The National presents this primer on the Dubai real estate market.

Downtown Dubai

Hotel suites with room service

If you're moving to Dubai, a serviced apartment might provide a convenient place to call home while you explore the city.

It's like staying at a fancy hotel, but without breaking the bank.

Before settling down, newcomers have more time to explore the area and figure out what works best for them.

Visitors simply need a valid passport to secure a rental. This is important for people who have yet to receive their resident visa after the required processing time of many weeks has passed.

Serviced flats in Dubai typically have a swimming pool, fitness centre, and 24-hour security.

All utilities, including Wi-Fi, are included in the price, and there is typically a small kitchenette. Guests can pay on a month-to-month basis, or, if their budget allows it, they can pay for several months in advance and receive a discount.

Although the monthly cost is more than what is typical for a long-term lease, it is a reasonable choice for newcomers. A few such choices are detailed below.

First Central Hotel Suites, To Be Known As Barsha Heights, that's where. Traditional Studio for up to two adults. Cost for a month is Dh6,289 (all taxes included).

Apartments at the Savoy Crest Hotel It's in Bur Dubai. Studio suites are ideal for couples or roommates. Dh7,450 (taxes included) for a stay of 30 nights.

Apartment Hotel City Premiere Place: Downtown Tampa, namely the Business Bay area Luxury one-bedroom apartment (suitable for two adults). Dh15,596 (taxes included) for a stay of 30 nights.

A Wyndham Hotel, the Ramada Hotel & Suites Dubai Location: The Residence at Jumeirah Beach Apartment with one bedroom and complimentary breakfast for two For a stay of 30 nights, the price is Dh24,684 (taxes included). Date Range: 4/28/2022 - 5/28/2022 Source:

Shared apartment
Shared apartment in dubai

Tight on cash? Consider staying in a communal space

In order to find safe and cheap lodging, newcomers should look into shared apartments.

Without the authorization of the landlord, subletting or sharing a rental flat is prohibited in Dubai.

Tenants and subtenants are subject to eviction if the primary tenant sublets a unit without permission.

Subtenants are sometimes required to make advance payments of rent, either for the entire month or for multiple months. The landlord or primary tenant might request payment.

Even as a subtenant, the law states that you have the right to request proof of ownership documents such a title deed from the landlord. Demand proof that your lease has been modified to include a subletting provision.

Getting the landlord or primary tenant to put the sublease in writing is recommended because sublets are more prone to abuse.

You should be wary of any arrangement that seems too casual. If they refuse to complete the necessary steps, you should figure out why.

The United Arab Emirates softened its attitude on illegalities associated with flat sharing in 2020, however residents should still familiarise themselves with and adhere to any applicable local regulations.

Sharing lodgings can be a terrific method to cut costs on rent, particularly in more expensive parts of the city. All utilities are included in the monthly rent (confirm before signing a lease), and the rooms are typically fully furnished.

Roommates can expect to pay as low as Dh400 per month in rent, while those who opt to share a whole flat with a separate room can expect to pay thousands.

Arabian Ranches
Arabian Ranches in uae

Which is better to rent for a long period of time: a house or a flat?

Long-term flat or villa rentals are a fantastic choice for many people who intend to make Dubai their permanent home in the near future.

Long-term rentals can be secured and the appropriate paperwork can be moved in pretty quickly with the help of a reputable property agent.

The following items are required to create a rental agreement:

copies of your passport, visa, Emirates ID, and chequebook, together with proof that your bank account is active.

Residents are required to submit a security deposit cheque and agency charge equal to about five percent of the annual rent in order to secure a property.

Rental agreements in the United Arab Emirates last for 12 months and might be difficult to terminate early.

If you give less than 60 days' notice, your landlord will likely charge you a penalty fee equal to two months' rent.

Both you and your landlord have equal protection under the law if your landlord decides to terminate your lease early.

Typically, a tenant will send over a year's worth of postdated checks to the landlord or property manager before to moving into their new home. The annual rent can be paid in one check or up to 12 separate checks, depending on the terms of the lease.

Villa in Mohammed bin Rashid City
Villa in Mohammed bin Rashid City

The Tenant Registration Process

Ejari, which means "my rent" in Arabic, is the following step in the process.

The Dubai Land Department's Ejari system is a contract registration platform for validating leases and other rental agreements between tenants and landlords.

  • A typing service can put it up for you for Dh220. In order to register your lease with Ejari, you will need to have:
  • original, signed lease agreement (between landlord and tenant).
  • receipt for the rent and security deposit cheques
  • landlord-obtained copy of the property's title deed
  • Copies of all relevant documents, including the landlord's passport, visa, and Emirates ID
  • The contract can be executed under Power of Attorney if the landlord does not reside in the country.

After you have registered your Ejari, you will receive a notification to create your Dewa account for water and electricity.

When it arrives, use the Dewa Smart App to apply for a new connection by downloading it and following the on-screen instructions.

Pay the non-refundable connection cost (between Dh110 and Dh300) and the refundable Dewa deposit amount (Dh2,000 for apartment, Dh4,000 for villa), and provide your Ejari contract number, Emirates ID, and a copy of your passport.

It may be necessary to install your own air conditioning system in warmer climates. Emicool and Empower are the two most popular service providers in Dubai in this area.

You can apply for district cooling services online or in person at a customer service facility, and you'll need to bring a copy of:

  • Tenancy Agreement Passport or Emirates Identification
  • Forms of registration duly signed
  • One month's rent as a refundable security deposit ($3,500 for a mansion) or $1,700 (for apartment)
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