The Emirates announces the opening of a new bridge and roads in Abu Dhabi

According to today's announcement from the Integrated Transport Centre, the United Arab Emirates have opened a new bridge and roadways in Abu Dhabi. The construction of these roadways will aid in the city's effort to connect its rural outskirts.

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The bridge connects Al Falah and Yas Island across the E12 (Al Kouwthar Street) and the E11 (Sheikh Maktoum Bin Rashid Road).

The new connection between the E11 and Yas Island and the E10 (Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Street) facilitates increased traffic flow.

The new roadways link the Al Reef neighbourhood to the E11 and E12 motorways.

On Monday, Abu Dhabi introduced a traffic warning system for its roads.

A combination of blue and red flashes will alert drivers to accidents, while a single yellow light will notify them of inclement weather like fog, rain, or dust storms.

The first and second left lanes of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Road now have minimum speed limits thanks to the emirate.

Drivers who go less than 120 miles per hour will be hit with a Dh400 fine.

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