emirates announces a new traffic warning system and a fine of 108$ for this violation

In Abu Dhabi, they have implemented a road alert system that will send out notifications to drivers in the event of accidents or severe weather.

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The Abu Dhabi Police Department has announced that the use of different coloured lights would be used throughout the emirate to warn vehicles of potential dangers.

A combination of blue and red flashes will alert drivers to accidents, and a yellow light will let them know to slow down in the event of poor visibility due to fog, rain, or dust storms.

new traffic warning system in emirates

The alerts are visible from a distance of 200 metres day or night, are powered by solar energy, and can be seen by drivers in all weather conditions.

The rollout occurs a week after Abu Dhabi police circulated a collision video urging drivers to avoid following too closely.

Social media users were alerted to the risks of not allowing enough space between cars in a video that went viral.

The video showed a car that had been tailgating another vehicle on a four-lane highway in the emirate before both vehicles crashed into the median.

traffic warning system
Abu Dhabi

fine of 108$ for this violation

Last week, police announced that drivers would be issued a Dh400 ($108) fine and four points on their licence if caught tailgating.

This month also saw the implementation of a new speed limit of 120 kilometres per hour along some stretches of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Road, with fines of up to Dh400 for violators.

The limit on the highway connecting Abu Dhabi and Dubai will stay at 140 kilometres per hour.

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