New UAE fines aim to make roads safer in inclement weather

To increase road safety in stormy conditions, the United Arab Emirates has implemented additional sanctions.

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The Ministry of the Interior declared on Thursday that motorists that congregate near valleys, dams, or flooded areas during rainfall will be fined Dh1,000 ($272).

Drivers will also receive six demerit points on their licences.

Anyone caught driving through a flooded valley will be hit with a Dh2,000 fine and 23 points deducted from their licence. Their car will be towed away for 60 days.

A punishment of Dh1,000 and four points added to your driving record await anyone who intentionally or recklessly block law enforcement, traffic officers, or emergency medical service personnel during times of crisis. Their car will be towed away for 60 days.

The increased fines are meant to aid rescue workers who have to go out in inclement weather or heavy downpours.

Laws to encourage safe driving
Laws to encourage safe driving during stormy conditions

Peril to human life

Despite repeated cautions from UAE officials to stay out of flooded areas during heavy rain, some reckless drivers ignore these warnings and attempt to drive through flooded roads.

Videos posted online by the National Centre of Meteorology in January showed drivers ignoring Ministry of Interior advice not to drive through flooded roadways.

Drivers are urged to exercise caution and avoid endangering themselves or others by the severe fines imposed for violations of traffic laws. During times of emergency, motorists should listen to directions from authorities and clear the roads as directed," Brig. Al Harthi emphasised.

After a driver was injured in a crash in Al Ain last year while photographing flooding, police in Abu Dhabi issued a safety appeal to the public.

After severe rains in August of last year, a wadi filled with water, and a Nissan Patrol flipped over in it. It looked like the car had gone off the side of a neighbouring road.

The driver, according to the police, was moderately injured.

In 2022, a massive summer deluge flooded large sections of the Northern Emirates.

After the severe weather destroyed homes, cars, and personal belongings, over 800 individuals needed to be rescued.

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